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Pas-Group - Wooden, plastic and cardboard packaging


PAS-Group with its seat in the Silesian Province offers its clients the following products:

  • Woodem packaging
  • Plastic packaging
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Foils
  • Anti - corrosion products –anti corrosion protection

On the basis of individual needs of the clients our company delivers a wide range of  untypical products aimed towards a specific industry.


Employees of  PAS-Group s.c



Anti - corrosion – anti - corrosion protection - foils, liquids, emitters


Anti - corrosion protection anti - corrosion


We enriched out offer with anti - corrosion protection and anti - corrosion products.

We would like to offer you high quality products of ZERUST/EXCOR produced on the license of the American company NTIC. We specialize in anti - corrosion protection of products in sea, land and air transport.

We offer such products as anti - corrosion foils, anti - corrosion papers or anti - corrosion vapour corrosion inhibiting bags.


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Wooden Packaging

PAS-Group has many years of experience in designing, producing and delivering of products and wooden packaging. The pallets or wooden boxes offered by us are a well known product in Poland and in the world. Currently we offer the following products in various sizes.

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Plastic packaging

On markets of Central and Eastern Europe the PAS-Group company is the distributor of two producers of plastic packaging. Our plastic packaging (packaging, pallets, boxes, containers, etc.) are used in many countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

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Cardboard Packaging

In our offer we have a wide range of corrugated cardboard products – cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard dividers. We specialize in designing ready solutions for sea, air and car transport. We offer cardboard packaging or a set of packaging made from corrugated cardboard.


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