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Anti-corrosion protection – anti-corrosion fluids, oils and grease


PAS-Group Has available in  its offer different types of fluids, oils and grease which protect against corrosion.


Among the most popular ones used by our clients are the following products:


AXXACLEAN 2048 Biodegradable rust remover is effective and safe for the user and the environment.
It can be used on all types of metal surfaces and metals. In contrary to other rust removers it is safe due to the use of weak organic acids. It effectively protects anti-corrosion cleaned surfaces for up to 2 weeks.


Odrdzewiacz biodegradalny AXXACLEAN 2048 - PAS-Group Bielsko-Biała AXXACLEAN 2048 - Odredzewiacz - PAS-Group

Fluid AXXATEC 80 C– fluid made with the use of water ensuring protection of up to 356 days of iron metals which are located indoors.

Axxatec 80C can be used on metal surfaces in connection with other elements, for example: varnished, rubber and plastics.


A fluid in a form of concentrate for safe dilution with demineralized water.

It is used on raw metal surfaces during storage or production process.


Płyn antykorozyjny Axxatec 80C

–  The use of VCI mineral oil significantly lowers the risk of corrosion where the structure of the oil film is uniform.

The technology applied in AXXANOL 750 VCI oil is used in cases of securing closed spaces such as tanks and barrels.


AXXANOL 750 VCI Olej mineralny - zabezpieczenie antykorozyjne - PAS-Group Bielsko-Biała Ślask

– Anti-corrosion means to protect metal elements, moulded products or worked out during indirect production stages.


The oil creates a thin, transparent layer on the surface of the metal which protects it against corrosion by creating a barrier for outside factors.

It also has in its structure corrosion inhibitors.


zabezpieczenie antykorozyjne - Olej mineralny AXXANOL 33 - PAS-Group

– A product on the basis of the solvent which leaves a dry coating of oil film.


Axxanol 33CD/34CD Oil eliminates  sticky surfaces and gathering of dust on the surfaces when using other mineral products.


Olej Axxanol 33CD/34CD - oleje antykorozyjne Bielsko-Biała

– this is a non-solvent product resistant to hydrolysis


Olej Perigol 100 jest bezrozpuszczalnikowym, odpornym na hydrolizę - PAS-Group

ZERUST/EXCOR Axxanol Z-Maxx anti-corrosion grease ensures anti-corrosion protection of machines, equipment and mechanical assembly up to a year in outdoor conditions as well as up to 2 years in a storage room.


Smar antykorozyjny ZERUST/EXCOR Axxanol Z-Maxx - PAS-Group Śląsk

Anti-corrosion grease in the form aerosol protecting iron and non-iron metals.

Possible to use in outdoor conditions during the activity of sea water.

Protects elements indoors or under roofing up to two years.


Smar antykorozyjny w areozolu - Axxanol ™ Spray-G

– The oil was produced on the basis of vegetable products. It is safe for the environment.


Axxanol™ 46-BIO OIL it is used interchangeably to oils which fulfill the  MIL-PRF-3150, MIL-PRF-63460 and  MIL-PRF-16173 norm.
It is a product made on the basis of vegetable oils which is 100% degradable. The Oil ensures anti-corrosion protection up to 12 months under shedding or up to 3 months outdoors.