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Anti-corrosion protection – Anti-corrosion foil





PAS-Group also offers anti-corrosion foil. We offer such products as foils or VALENO anti-corrosion bags, ABRIGO anti-corrosion paper, moisture absorbers, VCI emitters  or Zerust stretch foil.



We ensure anti-corrosion protection of your products or equipment.


Anti-corrosion foil is available in the form of sleeves and half-sleeves cut on one side of various widths.


  • We offer products from 60mm to 3000mm.
  • Products wrapped around a roller with or without tucks.


We adjust anti-corrosion bags and sacks to client's individual needs.


  • Flat bags, anti-corrosion sacks with tucks or handmade sacks with heated bottom.



String bags are flat anti-corrosion bags with additional string closing which enables

their opening and closing repeatedly.


String closing gives safety in the operations of vapour corrosion inhibitors inside the bag.


Stretch foil for machine and manual wrapping of pallets and details.


We have two types of foil in our offer:


  • Width of roller 500mm, thickness 30 microns

Bubble wrap has anti-corrosion features and at the same time it protects details which are prone to damage during transport.



We also have Campo shrink and stretch film wrapping in our offer. It has anti-corrosion features, is UV radiation proof according to DIN 55530 i TL 813500-19 norm.

The foil has a low permeability coefficient of steam.


  • We use it to secure the construction, big equipment, machines and other non-standard size products.
  • The foil is available on rollers of the width of 6000mm, 50mb/roller
  • Nominal thickness: 200um.

  • VALENO Foil in the form of flat sheets or on rollers.
  • Available width from 60mm d to 6000mm as well as thickness of foil from 50 to 150 microns.
  • VALENO Foil is used in cases of non-standard shipments.
  • It can also be made into smaller formats.