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Anti-corrosion protection – anti-corrosion papers


We offer high quality technical VCI (LIK) anti-corrosion papers consisting of vapour corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion inhibitors guarantee full anti-corrosion protection of metal elements and ensure double-sided activity of anti-corrosion papers.




We offer such products as foils or VALENO anti-corrosion bags, ABRIGO anti-corrosion paper, moisture absorbers, VCI emitters or Zerust stretch foil.


We ensure anti-corrosion protection of your products or equipment.


ABRIGO paper is a high quality VCI anti-corrosion paper with vapour corrosion inhibitors in the whole structure of the paper.


VCI anti-corrosion paper in various sizes according to the specific needs of client.


  • Anti-corrosion double-sided activity gives  protection to details.
  • Abrigo paper is available in two substances: 40g/m2 and 70g/m2.


VCI  ABRIGO paper coated with protection from polyethylene guarantees additional mechanical protection.
It is available in substances 90g/m2 (70g/m2 of paper + 20g/m2 PE layer).