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Anitcorrosion protection


We enriched our offer by high quality products that ensure anti-corrosion protection- ZERUST/EXCOR. We deal with anti-corrosion protection of products in the sea, land and air transport.


Anti-corrosion foils, anti-corrosion paper, anti-corrosion bags


We offer such products as: anti-corrosion foils, anti-corrosion paper, anti-corrosion bags with vapour corrosion inhibitors, moisture absorber, anti-corrosion capsules or anti-corrosion stretch foil.


If you are sending your final products by sea transport
we can offer you full anti-corrosion protection.


Our advantage is experience. Therefore, if you have products to send by sea transport which are corrosion prone we will pack the goods professionally so that they safely reach the given place.

Our wooden packaging with anti-corrosion materials reached the furthest place in the world. Many companies from various industry operating in international trade have trusted us.

Our packaging and anti-corrosion materials are constantly being send to countries such as Mexico, Brazil, USA, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia or India.


It’s worthwhile to trust us!

We ensure anti-corrosion protection of your products or equipment.


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