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INKA pallets – pallets from Pressed wood


Why INKA Pallets?

INKA pallets are made with using the  "presswood" method and have the following characteristics:

  • Competitive price
  • durability
  • they fulfill the requirements for international transport
  • they take up less space during storage – you can save up to even 65% on space
  • transport possible for export in the whole world
  • "presswood" technology does not require the use of additional, expensive phytosanitary operations
  • Recommended for air transport (little weight of pallet)
  • Available also in sizes required for oceanic containers.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Possibility of recycling
  • Free of charge return to given suppliers within the international distribution network.


INKA PALLETS  - transport pallets from presswood

Inka presswood pallets are embossed under pressure in high temperatures by using specially made steel forms. INKA transport pallets are a perfect solution for the export of goods to any given country in the world.

INKA Type F44 1/4 Euro size
400 x 600 mm
INKA Type F46 1/4 Euro size
400 x 600 mm
INKA Type F36 1/3 Euro size
400 x 800 mm
INKA Type F64 1/2 Euro size
600 x 800 mm
INKA Type F86 EURO size
800 x 1200 mm
INKA Type F87 EURO size
800 x 1200 mm
INKA Type F8 LF EURO size
800 x 1200 mm
INKA Type F10-2 industrial size
1000 x 1200 mm
INKA Type F76 container size
760 x 1140 mm
INKA Type F11 container size
1140 x 1140 mm