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Placard / Dukale - Pas-Card and label pads




Using traditional self-adhesive labels on multi use packaging creates mainly two problems:


  1. They are not possible to remove permanently causing “the gathering of labels”
  2. They unglue during transport.


PAS-GROUP offers complete solutions: 


Special pad for label so called” Placard Label Holder”


Thanks to the patented Hold & Release Technology TM the special pad for label is an ideal carrier of almost any label. The upper layer of this high class pad keeps the label in place and at the same time enables its easy removal without leaving remains of glue or labels. 


The details can be seen in the film below:




Placard Dukale System


The badge is a onetime investment ensuring a long-term protection of return packages against old labels. It will help to improve the logistics process, shorten service time and improve the image of the company.



Main advantages of the owner of Placard Dukale System

  • Long-term protection of return packaging against old labels and glue;
  • A onetime investment in multi use packaging;
  • There is no risk of scanning incorrect code bars preventing conflicts during data processing;
  • There is no need for costly, labour-intensive cleaning or scrapping;
  • One can avoid the remains of glue and old labels on packaging and t the same time improve the company’s image.


Try it yourself!

The Best way to discover many advantages of Placard and Plakard Dukale is to try it out.


As of today we offer 3 types  of PLACARDS:

  1. PLACARD for plastic containers
  2. PLACARD for high stacking racks
  3. PLACARD  for containers with Megabox with triplex/cardboard and plastic


The available labels can be produced in various quality ranges:


Class of product Code of product Outdoor use Can they be washed Adhesiveness to plastics Adhesiveness to wood Resistance to UV radiation Temperature range Transparent colour
GM PX Limited No Satisfying Very good Satisfying -20°C do +90°C No
Industrial IX Good Yes Good Satisfying Good -50°C do +120°C Yes
All AX Very good Yes Very good dobra Very good -40°C do +120°C Yes



Available dimensions

DIN dimensions Size of label (LxW) Placard Sizes  (LxW) (*)
A6 105x148 mm 114x165mm
A5 148x210 mm 170x230mm
A4 210x297 mm 230x335mm
A3 297x420 mm 317x440mm



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