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Plastic packaging – containers, boxes, pallet accessories


PAS-Group has in its offer plastic products mainly plastic packaging.

We offer high quality containers and plastic pallets used for transportation and stocking of various materials.

  1. Plastic pallets of different sizes
  2. Wooden and plastic pallet accessories
  3. Openwork plastic containers (ventilated)
  4. Closework plastic containers  of different use
  5. Plastic boxes (plastic pallet boxes)
  6. Workshop containers
  7. Special use containers

Our plastic products (packaging, pallets, boxes, containers, etc.) have been used in many countries in Western and Eastern Europe. PAS-Group as the representative of producers of plastic packaging  on the Central and Eastern European market would like to interest you with a wide and universal range of products.

Upon the basis of our clients’ needs our company delivers a wide range of non-standard products aimed at a specific industry.

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