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Plastic packaging – Plastic pallets


Pallet LIGHT 1208
size 1200 X 800

Intelligent pallet made from plastics

Pallet 1210 LIGHT
size 1200X1000

Intelligent pallets made from plastics

Pallet 1208 Clean
size 1200 X 800

FIDUS® PALLET SYSTEM  from plastics

size 1200 X 800

Economical and durable pallet from plastics.

Pallet 1208 Medium
size. 1200 X 800

FIDUS PALLET SYSTEM made from plastics



Why plastic pallets?

  • A plastic pallet does not have nails or cracked wooden elements with splinters which can damage the goods inside;
  • Pallet made of plastics does not absorb moisture which also protects the goods on the pallet;
  • Plastic pallets regardless of the weather can be stored outside without taking space in the storage room. They are resistant to any weather conditions.
  • Most pallets can be lap folded and because of their size a lot of space can be saved during transport;
  • Plastic pallets are of constant weight regardless the weather conditions. Due to their constant weight many kilograms can be saved during transport.


  • Plastic pallet is usually a hygienic pallet because it is resistant to mould and different insects;
  • Client’s labels on the pallet are permanent regardless the number of times they have been used;
  • According to the Health and safety regulations plastic pallets are safer in everyday use because of the lack of sharp splinters and nails;
  • The can be used in rotation and the duration of their use is longer than the one of wooden pallet;
  • The weight of the pallet in connected to additional savings such as costs of transport;
  • A wooden pallet is prone to many damages. Companies are burdened with additional costs of their repair.