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Anti-corrosion protection – VCI Emitters and moisture absorbers


Capsules as anti-corrosion protection discharging VCI vapour inhibitors and emitters ensure protection against corrosion inside closed metal spaces such as electric and electronic devices enclosures.


VCI Capsules- corrosion inhibitors ensure  protection inside closed electric and electronic devices.


A Capsule saturates a place with special anti-corrosion, scentless and non-toxic vapour.

Because of the depositing vapour on metal surfaces inside the device an anti-corrosion layer is created.


The main aim of moisture absorbers is to absorb the moisture in closed spaces.

This is an essential supplement to other VCI anti-corrosion products.


Pochłaniacze wilgoci

Plastab Emitters are made for anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces.

The construction is light, ridged and very thin therefore it can be used in hard to reach places.

They have inside them the vapour anti-corrosion inhibitors technology.

Just like absorbers they are an additional anti-corrosion  protection and it is advised to use them with other VCI products.


Emitery Plastab - PAS-Group - ochrona antykorozyjna

ActivPak Emitters ensures long term protection for elements made of aluminum or steel.

It is a new technology securing the details with vapour anti-corrosion inhibitors together with the technology of fast spreading of inhibitors in closed spaces (FCI™ - Flash Corrosion Inhibitors).

This  technology protects details against fast occurring corrosion.


Emitery VCI i pochłaniacze wilgoci Emitery ActivPak PAS-Group

Emitters on the form of sachets protect from the inside the metal electric and electronic enclosures.

 ZERUST®/EXCOR® Baleso Sachets provide anti-corrosion protection inside closed metal spaces such as electric and electronic devices enclosures.


Saszetki ZERUST®/EXCOR® Baleso - PAS-Group