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Wooden packaging – palettes crates europallets collars


PAS-Group operates in wooden packaging on domestic and international market. We have a wide range of wooden products, oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood packaging. Apart from attractive prices we offer products of the highest quality.

PAS-Group has the following wooden products on offer: 

1. open - and closework crates according to client’s drawings;

2. IPPC Industry pallet (fumigated, phytosanitary, ISPM 15);

3. EUR EPAL IPPC Euro pallet

4. 400*800 industry palettes

5. pallets according to client’s individual needs

6. pallet collars

7. wood-like boards


IPPC certified wooden pallets – PAS-Group as the producer

PAS-Group offers IPPS certified wooden pallets. We fumigate products in drying rooms according to IPPC-ISPM 15 norms. All drying rooms which we co-operate with have appropriate certificates.


PAS-Group – a reliable supplier of wooden crates


Our wooden crates are a valuable product in Europe and in the whole world. We mainly deliver them do sub-suppliers in the car, steel and mining industry. If you are looking for a new supplier for wooden crates on the basis of technical drawings we will prepare an offer for you together with a design approval.


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